Not Asking How Far

Diego Rivera Gallery, October, 2014

The simultaneous functioning of the familiar and strange produces a feeling of uneasiness within the viewer. This physical and psychological reaction is impossible to objectively define and difficult to communicate, even in the realm of symbols. When something is simultaneously known and unknown, we realize that we are moving toward a breaking point: we are not sure where we are, but we know we are not at the point of re-stabilizing change. Creating dioramic installations, Hadar Kleiman will examine how the decorative, but dysfunctional object creates its own space in a room, leading one to question the assumed functionality of objects and the spaces that they inhabit. Cait Molloy is thinking through the formal qualities in a space, what happens to a landscape when it is mystified. Xiao Wang addresses the idea of the uncanny in his paintings that evocatively illustrate spaces and objects that seemed ordinary yet strange and surreal. Hadar’s objects will function as lenses, offering alternative frames for viewing the works that hang on the walls. Functioning together, the different media disrupt the space of the Diego Rivera Gallery, insinuating an art exhibition to create an artificial atmosphere of un-ease through a combination of disorientations.

kathryn barulich

curating. writing. research.