kathryn barulich

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For the 2015 Vernissage exhibition, "Edge Effect", the Masters of Arts students were allotted a booth. In this space, I created a transparent podium, reminiscent of the completely clear podium used at the graduation ceremony, from which the six MA theses were read aloud by nine performers. Cycling through the pages and reading each footnote, the actors gave a different voice to these words, previously solely committed to paper. At the end of each page, they crumpled the paper, and dropped it into the podium, as the platform also became a container and exhibition space. The podium filled, as our words floated into the pavilion at Fort Mason, lost on most, but comprehended by the readers and those who strained their ears.  

Readers: Natasha White, Juan Pablo Pacheco, Marcela Pardo, Joanne Easton, Courtney Whitaker, Christopher Squier, Elisabeth Kohnke, Camilo Ventura Velez Vega, Rose Lou.

Theses by: Kathryn Barulich, Lisa Boling, Alex Molinari, Libby Nicolau, Eva Recinos, and Liz Smith.

Footnote Number 27

San Francisco Art Institute

Vernissage, Fort Mason Center

May 14th and 16th, 2015